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To all our visitors, thank you for visiting our site. We have developed and launched this site, and a number of other sites, with a vision in mind. Unite, grow, and help all Caribbean Islands to find easier alternatives to day-to-day pleasures. We know that sometimes constraints create obstacles that are difficult to overcome. Therefore, Islands in Motion has launched sites in all categories of life.

From Islands in Motion, to JobsOpp, to Islands Meet, and everything else (more than 20 other sites). We are driven by a passionate team here, as close to you as possible in Florida, United States. Our team consists of a very diverse group of people who are not foreign to the Caribbean. They share the same passionate dream, to see the Caribbean thrive! So, go on! Create an account! Become a member or simply browse the site. It’s yours! You deserve to have the ability and the tools to do much more!


Jason Moore

Medical and Health Experience: 2 YEARS

Donations were quick and easy. Love to help!

Diane Waller

Medical and Health Experience: 2 YEARS

Awesome site. I can not wait for the Apps Season to begin.

Jasmin Florez

Medical and Health Experience: 2 YEARS

Even though the app season is down, I was still able to create an account and Gill helped me! Thank you!

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